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We're here to build the next great thing!

Then listen up, it might be about time to embark on a new venture then!


  • State of the art stack: E.g. React.js, Redux, Node.js, Typescript, Express, Postgres and Docker.

  • Honestly shared success: You will hold shares of the company - because we truly want you to participate in our success.

  • A great product our customers love and still lots of ideas to build new things: High quality matters to us and you will have the chance to develop a lot of new features with us. We believe in strong ownership: "you build it, you ship it | you break it, you fix it" 

  • Nourishing and agile team setup: We're a team of profoundly experienced engineers providing a synergetic exchange and fueling your growth. As a startup, we work in a highly agile setting.

  • A deep love for tests: We thrive to follow TDD and write robust well-tested features.

  • The best for the best: We equip you with equally excellent IT gear by Apple, e.g. the latest MacBook Pro

Regarding your profile, it would be nice if beyond the above-mentioned stack you have:

  • Experience in at least one of the following: Javascript, Python, Java, Scala, Kotlin or Golang

  • Experience in cloud architecture with e.g. ECS or AWS

  • Experience with ReactNative and/or

  • Knowledge of one of the following: Jest/mocha, Sequelize, DDD / CQRS, Event-Driven Backend systems, and/or Backend microservice architectures

To apply, please submit a brief video of max. 5 minutes answering the following question: *"What motivated you to apply and why do you think you and EverReal could be a good fit?*"

This could give us more insights into the strengths of the person rather than testing whether the person can deliver a salesy answer on why work at EverReal.

Furthermore, please answer these questions in a written form:
1) When can you start working at EverReal?
2) What is your monthly salary expectation?
3) Will EverReal be your only project or will you work with other companies at the same time?
4) Do you have a stable internet connection for daily video calls?
5) Can you confirm that you are located in a timezone less than 5 hours ahead of German time?
6) How profound are your automation testing skills using React.js, Node.js and Typescript - please rate yourself from 1 to 10 being the best you could imagine.

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