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We at Parity have been developing Parity Signer for some time.

It started as a simple idea: why not create an app to turn your old smartphone into a free cryptocurrency wallet? We already had all the necessary crypto-primitives for our blockchains implemented in Rust, so all that was needed was a React Native UI to create an app to read and generate QR codes.

A couple of years, ~600 commits and 24 releases later, with over 12 thousands lines of TypeScript/TSX code in the codebase — there are still a couple of big and important security and usability features which are waiting to be thought through and implemented. And after that it would be time to finally bring Parity Signer for an independent security audit — and maybe, just maybe, officially calling it a Release instead of Beta.

This is why we’re looking for a React Native Engineer to work on Parity Signer full time.

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