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Stardog is the world's leading Knowledge Graph platform for the Enterprise. Turn data into knowledge faster and easier. Stardog lets you query, search, and analyze enterprise data, wherever it is, using scalable, cutting-edge Knowledge Graph technology.

The Stardog platform serves as the backbone of many Fortune 500 companies, powering important data-driven initiatives in areas like smart search, helping fight infectious disease, and helping put man back on the moon.

Being the core of such strategic solutions, working across the enterprise in some of the biggest companies on the planet brings a unique set of operational challenges.

If you're into databases, Kubernetes, CDC, service-based architectures, query engines and optimization, and everything large-scale, we've got an endless supply of fun and challenging work in store for you. Work as part of a world-class engineering team whose legacies include Dell, Oracle, and Hazelcast and help us build Stardog which will serve as the backbone of the modern data-driven enterprise.

As part of this role will will expect you to help design, build and improve the Stardog platform., particularly the distributed aspects of the system. This will include work in and around distributed query evaluation, graph analytics, scale-out data processing, advanced AI/ML/NLP, and working to define and build operational concepts for core platform features in Kubernetes.

We expect you to have 7 or more years of prior programming experience, ideally in Java as most of Stardog is written using the Java language. C++ is a nice bonus as that is what our storage layer is implemented in, and Go, Python, or Scala would be great for your interactions with Kubernetes and Spark. 

While we would love to see a Computer Science, Software Engineering or related degree, we simply want good engineers who will work hard to solve interesting problems. Solid knowledge of data structures, algorithms, and software design, as well as a dedication to the craft is all that's really required.

You will be a part of a distributed team, so prior experience working with a remote team is a huge plus. And if you've had previous experience with graph-based technologies, in particular, the semantic technology stack, that's fantastic! If not, we'll welcome you to the world of graph, and the future of enterprise data management, with Stardog.
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