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  • You will be responsible for architecting and building distributed systems

  • You will use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools

  • You take part in testing, metrics, continuous integration


  • You have experience with more than one language and a strong architectural background. One of these languages is Go.

  • You love to automate things and you are used to deploying in production multiple times a day

  • You are a profound Linux user

  • You have worked with Docker - experiences with Kubernetes, Prometheus are a bonus point

  • You prefer to build your applications as multiple services instead of a monolith

  • You know the concepts of CAP theorem, Paxos/raft consensus, distributed databases and message passing

  • We (and our customers) are currently mostly distributed around Europe (around UTC), thus, your main timezone should be somewhere between -2UTC to +2UTC to ensure better communication.

  • We are very active in the K8s space. If you are as well or you just love giving talks that will be the perfect addition to your profile.

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